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It is common knowledge that backing up bookmarks and other data on Opera Mini 5 and above is almost impossible, especially when there's a need to reset your symbian phone. The symbian filemanager supports
backing up of phone memory but most times, you feel it'll be a good idea not to restore from the backup after reset. Well, that is just one reason. I've had issues with this wahala in the past and trust me, it was very disturbing. I was restricted to using only the latest OM4.2 mods which supports backing up bookmarks just like our beloved OM2.06 but this only makes me miss my sweet Opera 5 interface.

BTW, this method works on all versions of opera and it doesn't only backup up your bookmarks but also your settngs, history and cookies etc.

Again, YOUR PHONE MUST BE HACKED to do this.

Depending on where the opera is installed (i.e phone memory or memory card), you'll find the installed application's data on C:\private\102033e6\midlets assuming it was installed on your phone memory. This is the folder which all jar files installed to phone memory lives.

Your phone creates a new folder for each installed jar file and for every jar application you have a folder like this: C:\private\102033e6\midlets\[1011ed86].

I use casts opera 5 rebirth, on my phone the folder for it is this:
C:\private\102033e6\midlets\[10167b67]. It may not be the same for every phone.

You should have your opera installed.

Install Rom Patcher and apply the OPEN4ALL patch

Navigate to the above folder C:\private\102033e6\midlets\[10167b67] and you'll find another sub directory named "rms". Now, this is the koko...l0l

Copy the "rms" folder to a safe place on your memory card

Incase you accidentally uninstalled your opera or you'll like to reset your phone and you wouldn't want to loose your bookmarks and settings, don't sweat it!
Just re-install the browser, don't open it. Using xplore, locate it's installed folder and then paste the "rms" folder in the installation folder for the browser. Overwrite if prompted, but by default there shouldn't be an "rms" for a newly installed app.

To be sure which folder is the correct folder, you can compare the size of raw casts opera5 file which is 285kb and the size of "midlet.jar" in each folder inside the C:\private\102033e6\midlets\ folder.

Restart your phone and open the opera. Now you have your opera back!!! You won't even need to re-install. It will just load straight into your start page.
            If you have any problem in this tutorial, please mention it in comments.Enjoy .........

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  1. I have found that opea mini bookmarks stored in folder C\Private\102033E6\MIDlets[1014fb9f]\rms in files with extensions ".rs". I saved them, deleted opera mini 4.5 and installed it again. It works without my bookmarks of course. But then i put my old .rs files in new opera mini folder - opera mini gets same reaction as in first post above: message @installing@ and shut down.

    seems files are corrupted?